On Thursday, March 19, 2021, the XIS Table Tennis Varsity and Elementary Teams had their first matches of the season against the visiting XLIS Blue Dragons!


The match marked the debut of the XIS Table Tennis teams playing on the BoDi campus! Elementary matches were played to maximize the number of students participating which students from both teams certainly enjoyed! The final result of the Elementary matches saw XIS defeat XLIS 14 matches to 6 matches!


For the Varsity matches, the highest seeded players from both teams played each other in an Olympic Table Tennis Format! The competition was vigorous and spirited, but in the end, the Warriors fell to the Blue Dragons 0-5.


All players involved in the match were able to use the opportunity to compete against others as a time to grow and challenge their skill!


The XIS Varsity Table Tennis Team’s next match will be in the XIS/BoDi Gymnasium on Friday, March 26, at 4:30pm against the Maple Leaf Dynasty!


Scores for the event:

XIS Elementary Table Tennis def. XLIS 14-6

XLIS Varsity Table Tennis def. XIS 5-0