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When you think of lower elementary, you might think of classes full of fun games and silly songs, but our lower elementary has much more than that. Our lessons, while fun do more than just teach one subject, but branch out between subjects and life skills.  

In PreK, they will be working on a fun activity centered around an ocean habitat, and while that is an amazingly fun activity on a very interesting subject, how does it help the students in their future in and out of school? Well, through this activity, the PreK students will have to work together in order to complete the assignment and overcome challenges.

In First Grade 5, the students will be bowling, but what does bowling have to do with school? In science class, they are learning about force and motion, specifically collision and what better sport that than bowling; it’s a lesson in science and a fun physical activity to get the students up and moving.

In First Grade, we are working on a project on sound where the students create their own instruments, but this project doesn’t just entail things we learned in science. Students will use their knowledge from music class to determine if their instrument has a high or low pitch, and they will use their writing to create the paragraphs to describe their instruments.

Our lessons across lower elementary span the different subjects, bringing them together in fun and creative ways.