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The goal of the XIS woodshop program is to prepare students to excel in any industry or field they choose for their occupation. We use woodworking as a media for teaching students about character development, project management, problem solving and design. In this process they learn tool and environmental safety practices while building practical projects. This helps them develop fine motor skills, see a project through to completion and take pride in their work.

The woodshop class helps students learn with their whole body, not just their eyes and ears. This is good for all students but especially those that learn best by doing. Students use their imagination to visualize the finished product, then plan backwards step by step what they need to do to reach that goal. Woodworking is a full sensory activity. Students learn to use each sense, smell, hearing, touch, and sight together to insure proper technique, tool efficiency, environmental safety, and project quality.

As the woodshop teacher I am so excited to be able to offer this class to our students. It not only gives them an outlet for creativity and real world skills but contributes to and compliments the other subjects they are learning.