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By: Miss Destiny Lepard

This week Middle School 2D Art made their finishing touches on their wax resist underwater creature paintings. For this assignment, each young artist chose an animal from the deep blue to draw using a simple crayon. They then used watercolors to add color and details. Due to the magic of science, the watercolors resisted the wax crayon drawing, creating a beautiful and natural line. This assignment is an excellent way for the young artist to experiment with the art supplies and their creativity and self-expression.    

As an art teacher, I believe that each student is incredibly talented and capable of creating beautiful art pieces. However, I also believe all students have the capability of improvement and have an enormous amount of untapped potential. Thus, there will always be a need to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy through art education.  

After each assignment is completed, the class participates in a critique. A critique in its most basic form is a “Show and Tell” for art. Each artist will present their artwork to the class and comment on their inspiration, challenges, and victories. After each presentation, there is a positive peer review time, where the class may ask questions and give suggestions and compliments. The critique is a vital part of the art-making process. The goal is to teach young artists not only how to present their artwork but also how to give and take constructive criticism in a safe space.