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One exciting part about being a teacher is getting to collaborate with other teachers to help our students learn. This year our 2nd and 3rd grade students have gotten the opportunity to participate in each other’s projects and activities. Our curriculum builds upon the previous year’s skills which helps collaboration across grades to happen. This allows our students to learn from one another.

The 3rd grade students were learning about types of government and one week they were learning about democracy. The 2nd grade students got to participate at the end of the unit and give their vote. The 2nd grade students were very excited to see the 3rd grade students present. The students have also been learning to write letters. Each class learned about the structure of a letter, the structure of an envelope, why people write letters, and then each student wrote their own letter.  The fun part about writing their own letter was they got to write to a student in another classroom.  It started with the 3rd graders writing their letter to one student in the 2nd grade classroom.  The 2nd grade class read their letters and then wrote back to the 3rd grade students.  The students really enjoyed learning about writing letters and then applying that skill!  Writing and receiving a letter and being a part of each other’s projects provides an engaging environment for students to learn and grow.