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Homework. Studying. Projects. Tests. They’re all part of the high school experience, and our students do an amazing job at all of them. What these all have in common is helping your children prepare for their futures, which for our students, overwhelmingly includes attending university. While some universities may be adjusting their entrance requirements to place less emphasis on the most common college entrance exams (i.e. SAT, ACT), these tests are still very beneficial in helping students to gain entrance to more competitive schools as well as allowing students to be eligible for certain financial benefits or scholarships. We are excited that in August we will be able to host our first SAT administration on our own campus so that our students will not need to travel to do this. Also, at this time we are in the midst of hosting the AP (Advanced Placement) exams for our students. We have 15 students taking 38 different exams throughout the month of May with 5 different teachers acting as exam proctors over this time. While it is a bit of a stressful time for some students due to the added pressure of taking the tests, they are dedicated to doing well and so hard working but of course, appreciate as much encouragement as they can get. If you know a student who has recently taken or who will be taking one of these difficult exams, stop to give them a 加油!! They deserve it!