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The mission of XIS After School Activities is to provide our school community with various opportunities to learn and grow in all facets of life: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and morally.


For all XIS sport programs, healthy competition is a key component to maintaining a growth mindset with challenging students on realizing new personal and team goals. This was on full display as the XIS Varsity Soccer team competed in a scrimmage with Xi’an Chanba Rivershore School. The final score of the scrimmage between XIS Blue vs. Xi’an Chanba Rivershore & XIS Yellow was 16 – 1 in favor of XIS Blue.


However, what was most important about the match was the opportunity for player growth and development. Through the scrimmage, all players were able to test their mettle and skill in a competitive environment.


Some players took shots on goal to have their ball ring against the side post. Some players exhibited improved tactical skill, passing the ball instead of taking the overly contested shot. Other players were able to show their grit on defense in challenging passes then counterattacking themselves. These and other opportunities too numerous to mention were had during the scrimmage.


Other lessons learned were how to face adversity, how to give one’s best regardless of the score, and how to remain humble even in victory. These lessons and examples show how the opportunities taken in the small, often forgotten moments help shape lifelong learners and tomorrow’s leaders.


XIS Varsity Soccer will play their final regular season match against Hanova International School on Friday, May 21, 2021 at 4:30pm at the XIS Grass Fields.

VSOC vs. Rivershore Scrimmage Scoreboard 20210518
VSOC vs. Rivershore Scrimmage 20210518