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Why does XIS attach so much importance to physical education (PE)?  Is it because we want all of the students to become excellent athletes?  No, although we do value excellence in all areas, including athletics.  Rather, we aim to use PE and sports to cultivate attitudes and character traits that will help them in all areas of life.  We cultivate in children the love of sports, enjoyment of the joy of sports, a love of life, and a love of sports throughout their lives in order to keep healthy.  We cultivate excellent character in children through sports activities,   such as respect for others, never giving up, team spirit, self-confidence, good communication, sportsmanship.  The children learn the value of teamwork, helping each other in sports and studies, making progress together.

What do we do in PE class?  Sporting activities include soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, hockey, bowling, table tennis, kickball, and more.  Besides sports, we play other games including tag, dodgeball, shark and minnows, jump rope, hula-hoop, line tag, color tag, and Frisbee, among others.

Though it may appear that the children are simply having fun, over time there is noticeable progress in their attitudes and character qualities, as well as their physical skills and abilities.  Physical education really does develop the whole person.