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One of my favorite classes to teach at XIS is the 7th grade World Geography. During the first quarter of the year, we learn about all the core concepts of geography, like geographical features, government, economics, population, culture, religion and climate. Then during the next 3 quarters we break the world up into regions and look at each of these concepts through the eyes of the region. During these last 2 quarters we have been focused on Asia. For Geography Asia is a huge section made up of different regions. We started with Southwest Asia which is made up of middle eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran and Iraq. Then we moved onto central Asia which includes Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Next, we cover South Asia which is India and the surrounding nations. Our last and current section is East and Southeast Asia which includes China and its neighbors, Japan and the Koreas, and Southeast Asia. My world geography students did an amazing presentation on the history of these regions and the current events. It is so great to see students from different cultures prepare presentations on different parts of Asia. Many of my students have lived in China a lot longer than me so I am usually learning Asian culture from them! What a privilege to be attending an International School where we are learning international things that are presented by international students.