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This year in the XIS Music Room, students have traveled the world through song, dance, and instruments!

In Elementary Music, students have begun each lesson singing, “I will sing hello around the world” and ending each lesson singing, “I will sing goodbye around the world”.  Through this unique “Call and Response”, students have learned to say “Hello & Goodbye” in over 20 different languages this school year!

Students have also learned unique folk songs from around the world.  Many of the songs they have learned have interactive games and dances involved.  Students have learned square dancing, line dancing, dancing in concentric circles, and even have learned Caribbean hand clapping games.

Through this unique style of Music Education, students stay engaged in the lesson through activity and, as a result, have become very good singers!  All grade levels from 1st grade through 5th grade are proficient in Pentatonic melodies.  Every student has played our classroom xylophones each week, developing eye hand coordination and motor skills preparing them to study a music instrument individually in the future.

Learning music is a lifetime enrichment process.  XIS is so glad to include Music as an integral part of their Elementary Curriculum.