The first Principal Coffee of the 2021-2022 school year was a success! The topic covered was ‘TCKs and Hellos’ and with a strong team of Mrs. Kahler, Mrs. Xia, Mrs. Choi, Mrs. Yi, and Ms. Sonnet. I knew I would be learning much from these educational experts on September 16th. 

After reviewing the PPT translated into 3 languages, we began our meeting at a local Starbucks, and it was clear we had much to cover and that 2 hours would be cutting it close. We discussed the definition of a TCK, ‘where is home’, transitions, culture shock, and more. All these topics are part of our beginning unit of Advisory. Advisory is our PreK – 12th grade weekly program which covers these life topics needed in student’s lives that meets for 10 minutes either 3 times a week (elementary) or daily (secondary). 

Much of the time was focused on some of the unique challenges our TCK Warriors face and how these challenges can be a good thing and can be overcome. One thing that stood out to me, that was presented by Mrs. Kahler, is the need to be transparent of our own struggles. This transparency often leads to important family discussions that would not happen if we bottled up our emotions. The discussion is part of the transition process that is pivotal to any family who has lived in countries outside their passport country. 

The next Principal Coffee’s will focus on our school year’s theme of ‘listen’ which ties to our mission statement of ‘cultivating excellence through actively engaging and caring for the well-being of our community’. We cannot actively engage and care for our well-being without listening! I hope to see even more parents at the next Principal Coffee that is currently set for the afternoon of October 14th. See you then! 

Principal Harris