News & Announcements
Xi’an International School was established in 1996 for the purposes of aiding the development of Xi’an, by helping to attract foreign companies to our great city.  Since the beginning, our staff, students and families have striven to support local officials in any way possible.  For over 25 years our school has both celebrated victories as well as fought through hard times.  After 25 years of growing alongside this thriving, ancient and historically rich city, we can say with integrity that we love Xi’an.  It is our home.   

During this difficult season, we want to especially thank our city’s government officials and health workers.  We at XIS fully support each and every policy that is focused on making our city safe again.  Our foreign staff are ready and able to help in any way we can during this time. 

As we look to celebrate the beginning of 2022, we have a lot of faith.  We believe that the efforts and tireless hours of everyone involved will, in the end, result in yet another victory over COVID-19.  Thanks again to everyone who is doing all that they can to stop the virus. 


Paul Wendler

Head of School
Xi’an International School