News & Announcements

December, the month of holiday cheer and Christmas festivities, is one of SGA’s busiest months throughout the school year. As the school semester and 2021 came to a wrap, SGA was busy preparing for fun activities and events to entertain the students and the school community: Special Lunch had its first successful order, handing out pizza for the students; Candy Grams finished its preorders, and was busy packing Christmas notes from students and teachers from around campus; Secret Santa organized by high school students, preparing each Santa to deliver their presents! Many other SGA committees continued to plan in the background, preparing for events later in the school year.

The Christmas season always stood as a challenge for SGA as multiple committees had to schedule and plan exciting activities to wrap up the year. The end of 2021 was especially challenging with the sudden announcement of home-based learning. Despite the obstacles, the students of SGA were able to adapt and be flexible with the sudden changes. Candy Grams were able to hand out candy canes to those who were expected to leave at the end of the semester (the rest of the candy canes are waiting for everyone at school!). Secret Santa was able to transform into actual Santas, riding on their bikes throughout the city to deliver presents, Christmas cheer, and a little bit of love to everyone despite the restrictions of COVID.

SGA will continue to do our best to plan events and activities for our school community, and maintain the love and care, which represents our students, by the students.