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Marco polo

After the pandemic ended, we were back on campus. Marco Polo’s students also gradually entered the state of learning Chinese, and every x student in the classroom studied very hard, listened carefully to the teacher’s lectures, actively cooperated with the teacher’s activities, and was full of confidence and enthusiasm for learning Chinese. In order to improve the students’ Chinese proficiency, Marco Polo’s teachers also carefully prepared for each lesson.

Our Marco Polo Chinese Culture Festival will be held on April 29 this year, and teachers and students have already begun preparations. The teachers actively discussed the content, form and steps of the day in the department meeting, and made good suggestions. The students were also very interested in the festival, dividing up the cooperative groups in advance and starting to collect the content to be displayed. In the process of preparation, I hope that students can better understand Chinese culture and learn more knowledge. I wish this Chinese Culture Festival can be held successfully!

School ASA table tennis training is in full swing under the leadership of Mr. Burks, and some of our Teachers in Marco Polo have also taken on the role of coaches, accompanying the students to train together. The passion of the students to play table tennis is very high, and they practice hard with the teachers, and although the primary school students of PREK are learning to play table tennis for the first time, they learn very seriously.

A new starting point for the new academic year and new semester, Marco Polo’s teachers and students work together towards a new goal!

Marco Polo Chinese teacher Jin Rui