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This semester in 3D Art, the young artists are studying Repurposed Art. The art style is referred to as “Repurposed” because the artists use objects that otherwise would have been thrown away or forgotten. But through their sculptures, the students are giving the objects a new purpose.

The main artist focused on during this assignment has been Pedro Reyes. In 2007, the Mexican government collected 1,527 guns from criminals which were then donated to Mr. Reyes. He then used these weapons to create musical instruments such as a guitar, violin, and flute for his art exhibition “Disarm.” When asked about his art, Mr. Reyes said, “Instead of objects of destruction, they become objects of creation.”

Taking their inspiration from Pedro Reyes, the students began to repurpose objects of their own. First, the students wrote their names using objects, then another word of their choosing to become familiar with the materials. Next, the young artists drew out their designs and plans for achieving their goals. Currently, the artists are constructing their sculptures using materials like gum containers, bubble wrap, and chopsticks. Although the sculptures are not finished yet, I am very proud of my students and excited to see what they create.