News & Announcements

January celebrations were a little different this year with home-based learning, causing many XIS events to be postponed from December to January through March.  SGA learned a lot about making secondary and backup plans as we rescheduled events and looked to the future.

February started with Chinese New Year, and students were back to school! Everyone was excited, and SGA quickly passed out the candy canes from Christmas! Coincidentally, the day we passed them out was on February 14th, which is Valentine’s Day!!!  SGA also restored the snack shack and had pizza as a special lunch!!  SGA also provided small gifts for faculty appreciation.

SGA was busy planning many activities for the spring. Therefore, March and April will be very busy months, with outreach, spirit day, field trip, and spring formal happening. In addition to planning all the activities that will provide amusement and enjoyment to everyone, SGA worked on organization and reports to communicate with the XIS community.