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The XIS Science Fair is a longstanding tradition that goes back to the early years of XIS.  It is an event during which all XIS students, from the youngest to the oldest, present what they have learned in their science classes or in their personal study.  The event gives students a chance to pursue their own interests concerning scientific topics.  Students have run experiments, designed technology, created displays, and explored the complexities of the natural world.  This year, the theme was “Hands on Science,” and the goal was to get all students involved in fun activities that taught scientific principles.  From the pre-kindergarten project on how to protect the Earth to the High School Physics project that created a swing from one of the basketball hoops, there was a variety of activities all XIS students and teachers could enjoy. 

In the past, students have competed for placement for the best projects and only those placing received any prizes.  This year, we chose a carnival format in which students could answer questions and attempt challenges at the various projects that allowed them to earn stamps, which could be cashed in for prizes.  The format was so popular that we nearly ran out of prizes before the fair was over.  A selection of larger prizes was provided for which students could purchase raffle tickets.  Teachers and administrators drew out names from baskets to determine which students would win those prizes.  Everyone walked away with something.  Favorite groups were chosen in the Elementary, Middle School, and High School levels by popular vote, and those groups received additional prizes.  There was a tie in the Elementary category between one of the fourth-grade (Hydro-power) groups and the third grade (Fossils).  A sixth-grade group and a tenth-grade group won for Middle School (Clouds in a Bottle) and High School (What’s in our Drinking Water?) respectively. 

The purpose of the Science Fair is to develop a love for science in our students.  Scientific inquiry includes processes that help people solve real world problems using testable hypotheses and controls.  This allows for the development of creative and critical thinking in our students.  It often encompasses the use of technology when running tests and reporting on them as well.  It encourages global citizenship by helping students develop proper citation and attribution habits when using the work of others in research.  It aligns with the vision and the mission of XIS by helping students develop curiosity, confidence, and strong relationships, not only with their own classmates, but with all the other students of the school.  It helps bring both science and learning to life for students of all levels. 

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Submitted by Tina M. Bean

XIS Science Fair Coordinator 2022