By: Amy Kahler, Daniel Chang 

This year, due to unforeseen circumstances, the secondary students’ field trip was an on-campus event which took place on a Friday afternoon. In the gym, the activities included an open gym with various sports activities, board games, video game, and a movie. While these were going on inside, there was an open field outside where some students were playing baseball and water activities that included water balloons and other water games.  

Students enjoyed the opportunity to choose to participate in the different activities, with the most popular activities being the water balloon fight, the board game Crokinole, and the video game Mario Kart.  At one point, there was a small all-girl race tournament. As a snack, the high school SGA provided watermelon to the students.  

XIS annually has field trips for the students, whether off or on campus. This provides students an opportunity to rest, relax, and enjoy some time together away from their rigorous academic routine. This spring’s on-campus field trip allowed the students to choose their activities, while engaging one another and further building a strong XIS community.  

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