The month of May is arguably one of the most intense and busiest months for high schoolers in general. The first two weeks of May are filled with students taking different types of AP exams, thus students in SGA are also busy with their academic life. Even though there were AP exams, SGA continued to plan the spring field trip and the 2022 Warrior Sale. Unfortunately, both the field trip and the Warrior Sale were canceled due to covid. However, the teachers provided the students with a fun field day and SGA contributed watermelons so the students could enjoy. 

During May, another big event was the election for the 2022-2023 school year president and the vice president. All the candidates prepared a speech for the school. The students and staff then voted for the 2022-2023 president and vice president. When the votes were counted, Paulina Yao was elected as the president, and Kyle Jang was elected as vice president. 

As summer vacation is just around the corner and the school year coming to an end, SGA is organizing the files for the future and evaluating events so the events could be better next time. SGA will always try to improve and will continue to serve the school and the student body.