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Xi’an International School maintains a commitment to cultivating excellence by caring for and engaging our community. To further this commitment to our community, a 2022 Summer Camp was held. Students participated in either a Soccer or Basketball Camp specifically designed for their age group. Coaching each camp were our Head Basketball and Soccer Coaches; each winning their sport’s Xi’an International Sports Championship.

For XIS Summer Basketball Camp 2022, Mr. Zhao was the lead instructor. With his expert knowledge of the sport, he provided our students with an elite training experience. Each student was determined to get better while also having fun with their classmates. In fulfilling our mission and vision, older students were seen guiding younger students to help them grow. This is the best kind of legacy and an example of true leadership.

During the same week, XIS held a Soccer Summer Camp. During last week, our focus was improving student’s soccer skills and establishing a good soccer foundation. There is no doubt we saw improvement for each student as the week progressed. However, skill development was only a part of the camp’s goal. Each day we saw on kid’s faces the happiness of being and doing better every day. Through this, we believe our camp was successful, and most importantly, the kids feel happy being part of something they like.

We are so thankful to our coaching staff for an amazing week of camp. At the end of the week, students received a certificate of participation, an XIS drawstring bag, a custom XIS basketball or soccer ball, and an XIS t-shirt. We are already looking forward to next summer and how we can better serve our Xi’an community!

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Go Warriors!