We are excited to have our students face-to-face again!  

It wasn’t the start of the school year. For that, you can see this post about our quick shift to Home Based Learning. But it was the first day of our students being on campus! 


Mr. Wendler helping some lower elementary students carry their bags to class. 


It’s not the first day, but it’s the first day on campus for these little ones. In second grade, they are learning where to put everything, and where everything goes.

Upon arrival in the morning, many elementary students were hesitant to play in the gym. By lunch time, all hesitancy was over! 


The health and safety of our students are the number one priority at Xian International School. Here, we can see Ms. Bean already has this middle school class turning in homework about Lab Safety. Safety first!

Ms. Carrillo & Ms. Sheresa both go over class rules in their respective classrooms.  

Meanwhile, just as students were coming on campus, we were informed that incoming teachers Ben Parmeter and Analisa Dorsey were quite suddenly released from quarantine after an unexpected extra delay!   

And just like that, 98% of our staff is on campus. We await Mr. Andrew Childers who is in the process of coming! 

Judging from their expressions, it looks like our students are glad to be back as well.  

What? You can’t tell they are excited behind their masks? Well we can! 

Despite it only being the start of week 2, things are getting off to a blast! Our After School Activities are already starting to meet. Here we can see Secondary Students interested in the Drama ASA, and preparing for tryouts.

It’s going to be a great school year, XIS! Can’t wait to see what happens next!