News & Announcements

As the warm summer winds start bringing the chill of fall, school goes back in session. XIS was met with a disappointing start as Covid cases started to rebound, but thankfully the HBL didn’t last long and we were able to come back on campus. SGA has always been an integral part of XIS as we serve the students of the school by creating and planning fun events for everyone to enjoy. We have much to plan and much to give this year.  

Student government assembly, SGA, is a group of students that plans and creates limited events for the community of XIS. Every year, we have been in charge of activities such as secondary field trip, spirit week, and high school outreach. Originally, SGA was more catered for high school students (as this was a high school student-based SGA), but we have spread to have more responsibilities to serve the students of the school these years. We hope to continue the traditions and events that XIS has had throughout the years, and help everyone build precious memories throughout the school year. Above all, we hope to serve because SGA is of the students, by the students, and for the students.  

SGA is currently planning for events such as the secondary field trip, spirit week, special lunch, and high school fall formal; we also have committees such as snack shack that is already serving the students and providing snacks during lunch time. We are going full speed ahead as we tackle the events of this school year. Despite the many difficulties we’ve faced and may face again, SGA hopes to take what we have this year and give the best back to our community.  

Stay tuned and stay excited for the events of this year!  

SGA President, 

Paulina Yao