SGA has been working diligently during the month of October. Snack Shack Committee has done a remarkable job of constantly restocking drinks as well as snacks for students and staff. They also added a new item: Korean instant noodles. Meanwhile, SGA President Paulina Yao (12) and Vice President Kyle Jang (11) met with their advisor Ms. Julie to discuss the current situation within SGA and have evaluations. It was a valuable time for both sides as they shared their thoughts together and communicated.  

Despite SGA’s hard work, some problems occurred because of Covid-19. Special Lunch Committee prepared to serve Korean food on October 13th, but it had to be cancelled unfortunately due to transition to Home Based Learning. Also, secondary’s Field Trip to an amusement park on October 14th had to be cancelled.

SGA still hopes that upcoming events can be held successfully. From October 24th to 28th is Fall Spirit Week! Students will get an opportunity to dress up according to the theme for each day. On Friday of that week, the whole XIS, students and staff, will participate in team-building activities! In addition, 2022 Formal will be held on November 12th. High school students and secondary teachers will be able to interact with other international school students and teachers during the time!

SGA will continue to serve to promote the well-being of our community through planning various events and activities. Go Warriors!