News & Announcements

What a relief, as students and teachers return to campus one by one. Due to the Covid situation being a serious problem over the past few weeks, many students and teachers were going through a tough time. Fortunately, with the understanding from parents, students’ passion for XIS, and teachers’ unremitting efforts, classes were temporarily and successfully continued through home base learning. Despite the pain brought to individuals’ eyes by the long screen time, both students and teachers are thankful and happy to see each other even online. Now that everyone has come back to campus, SGA events will also proceed.  

SGA, student government assembly, is meant to serve students. Our duty is to bring more excitement to an already joyful school. Since XIS is not only about grades and academic performances, there are special days throughout the school year when students get to interact with each other through games and activities. The purpose of these events is first, to allow students to relax and have fun after a period of hard work. Not only are these events fun, but it also serves as memories in XIS. SGA wants each and every one of the students in XIS to remember that “once a warrior, always a warrior.”  

Just like in the past couple of years, there are many traditional events that SGA hosts. Certain events repeat every year, yet it nevergets old as SGA plans elaborately for each and every one of these events. Spirit week and Special lunch were organized by SGA duringthe last month and these events received many good feedback from not only students but also teachers and parents as well. In addition, special lunch will continue in December, so stay tuned for that. SGA is currently planning for Fall Formal, an interschool party that allowsstudents from different schools to socialize. SGA is also working on events for Christmas such as Secret Santa and Candy Grams and through these events, SGA really wishes to encourage the theme of XIS this year, giving. Last but not least, although recently, manydifficulties had to be dealt with, SGA still hopes to give students the best experiences throughout the year and no matter what happens, SGA will also be there for you.  


SGA Secretary, 

Kyle Ju