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The chills of winter recede as spring begins to flourish. What an accomplishment that XIS has managed to stay on Campus! Although SGA has been extremely busy and under a lot of stress, we have been able to support many special events for the students of XIS.  


SGA is a group of XIS students that plan, manage, and give fun exciting events for the XIS community. Just like this years’ school theme “Giving”, SGA has been able to give energy, time, and resources to plan a multitude of events like Secret Santa, Candy Grams, Special Lunch, and Spirit Week! We hope that we will continue serving the XIS students and that we will help everyone in the XIS community formulate joyful memories throughout this school year. As always, SGA’s goal is to serve by the students, and for the students.  


Right now, SGA is currently planning even more spectacular events such as Secondary Field Trip, Outreach, and Special Lunch. We also have Snack Shack which has been a continuous diligent stable of the XIS secondary lunch time. Snack Shack has a host of new snacks to provide the students with an enjoyable experience such as instant noodles, Snickers, and more recently Welch’s Fruit Snacks. SGA hopes to take all of what we have received this school year and send it back to benefit our community.  


As always, stay tuned and excited for all upcoming XIS’ SGA events! 

Written by 10th Grade Representative, Jayden Yi   

Translated into Korean by Kyle Jang 

Edited by Ms. Julie