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As time passes by, the weather is getting warmer and warmer, and so is our community at XIS. As students returned from spring break, the flu season started, and some students weren’t able to come to school.  This gave the opportunity to our community to care about others.  

SGA has been working hard to serve, and give joy to the XIS community. Through their hard work, SGA was able to make some events happen that couldn’t happen in previous years because of the pandemic. We are thankful that these events could happen. One of the events was the field trip, where secondary students and teachers were able to have fun and socialize together at the amusement park. The other event is Outreach, which is planned for the end of March.  SGA is also planning an Earth Day event for elementary students that will happen in April. SGA not only planned these big events, but they also worked hard to serve the students throughout the month with Snack Shack, and special lunches.  

Final preparations for SGA outreach.
Final preparations for SGA outreach.

SGA will continue this hard work to serve the XIS community, and give the community a joyful and exciting year at XIS. We are looking forward to more events, so please stay tuned and excited for the upcoming events that SGA will host in the future! 

Written and translated by David Kim 

Edited by Ms. Julie