News & Announcements

As the Spring is ending and the weather is getting hotter, this school year is almost at the finish line. Thankfully SGA has been able to successfully hold fun and amazing events.  

SGA, the student government assembly, is meant to serve the Xian International School community, so with this mission, SGA planned an Elementary Earth Day event specifically for elementary students. The event was originally planned for April during the week of Earth Day, but because of a sudden dust storm, the event was postponed to May. Through this event, High School students were able to help elementary students to plant small plants and teach about why we need to protect the environment.  

SGA has been providing delicious and wonderful snacks, and lunches through Snack Shack and Special Lunch. Toward the end of May, SGA will wrap up these two committees. But Special Lunch has Pizza and Korean Rice Foods on the 9th and 23rd so keep watch! 

In May, SGA also had a meeting with the school administrators to talk about how this school year went and did an evaluation to look back at this year and how we should change some to make it better next year. SGA is currently planning for the Warrior Sale on the 13th of May and for the secondary Water Fight so stay tuned for these! 

Earth Day with Elementary

SGA hopes to wrap up this school year by making good memories for the students and the community!  

Written and translated to Korean by Abraham Kim

Edited by Julie Edgeworth