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Renovations, ASAs, and Tote Bag Frenzy!

The first month of the school year is always an exciting time, filled with new beginnings, renewed friendships, and the promise of academic growth. At Xian International School (XIS), the first month of the school year was particularly noteworthy, marked by exciting changes and a vibrant sense of community spirit. 


Over the summer, Bodi and XIS invested in a renovation project for Building-C’s façade, and repainting the gymnasium (Building-A). These renovations give the school’s exterior a fresh, clean look. The new façade not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of our school but also creates a welcoming atmosphere that inspires students and staff alike. It’s safe to say that the new facade has set a positive tone for the entire school year.  


As part of the renovations, we installed new, energy-efficient windows that will help reduce our energy footprint, and better seal the building to keep the indoor air free of outdoor pollutants.  


XIS Tote Bags

A pleasant surprise that we discovered was how popular our white XIS tote bags are with our parents. We offered them for sale during our Orientation Day, and by mid-morning we were already sold out! 

After School Activities

XIS students and parents love our After School Activities! For the first semester, we have a whopping 87% participation rate in our ASAs. From STEAM to Lego club, our students are seizing the opportunity to explore their passions, develop new skills, and forge lasting friendships beyond the classroom. 

We have already started have games with our students: our U14 girl’s basketball scrimmaged against XLIS, and our U8 kids soccer teams also played against XLIS. Our volleyball teams got to experience students vs teachers. 

Principal Coffee

We felt it was important to connect with our families as soon as possible, so we already had one Principal Coffees with our new families. One was on September 14th for our new elementary families, and one is scheduled for September 28th for our new secondary families. Look for an article about our Principal Coffees soon! 

We are looking forward to sharing with you all of the great developments with our school, and the achievements by our students! 

Go Warriors!