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Amidst the falling leaves and shorter days of November, a subtle change in the weather hints at the winter ahead. Throughout this month, SGA has consistently demonstrated their commitment to serving students in our school through their tireless efforts and dedication.  

The secondary Field Trip was successfully held on October 13th! MS students went to a trampoline park, and HS students went to enjoy indoor skiing. Another successful event that was held is Spirit Week (Oct 23-27)! SGA prepared a dress-up theme for each day, and thankfully many students as well as staff enjoyed dressing up as their favorite characters and their future careers. On Friday afternoon of that week, all staff and students got together and had team-building games, establishing a strong bond with each other.  


Meanwhile, Snack Shack has been consistently serving students with various drinks and snacks. Students and staff also enjoyed Pizza on Special Lunch Day (Oct 17). There will be another Special Lunch on November 21st, which is 煎饼 (Burrito). 

A big event coming up in November is the Interschool Formal! It will be held on November 18th, and High School students will be able to interact with those from other schools in a new environment.  

SGA will continue to put diligent efforts and commitment to service to enhance the well-being and satisfaction of our students. Stay tuned and Go Warriors! 


Written and translated by Kyle Jang, Secretary and Chairman of Publicity of SGA 

Edited by Ms. Julie