The winter has come, and people are now getting ready to wrap up this year and welcome the new year. During this month, SGA has become a hive of activity: from co-hosting  formal with Hanova’s students to organizing various Christmas events. SGA’s members and advisors have worked tirelessly to end the year with high praise.  

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The High School formal was held successfully on November 18th. Through various activities, students from both schools could get closer and enjoy a great time. Meanwhile, SGA started to sell candy grams on November 20th! Students can celebrate the upcoming Christmas together by buying candies and sending them with short messages to friends, classmates, and teachers. This month, students enjoyed burritos for their special lunch. Be ready for the upcoming special lunch (December 5th), which is pizza! SGA will continue to serve and work harder for students’ convenience and a stronger community. Go Warriors! 

In December:  

  • Tuesday, 5th Special Lunch Pizza 
  • Monday, 18th Candy Grams will start to be delivered 
  • Monday, 18th Secondary Secret Santas begins 


Written and translated by Julie Lee, Edited by Ms. Julie