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XIS continually looks for areas to improve the school, whether it’s through services, our facilities, or curriculum. And over the Christmas Break, our Engineering Department hopped to work and give a little gift that  will benefit the entire school.

This year Christmas brought the gift of cleaner air to our gymnasium.  We are happy to announce the installation of 12 new air filters in our gym.  These filters will help protect the lungs of our community as they work and play.

We are mostly focused on the PM 2.5  particles which are more harmful.  These new machines allow us to continuously take readings of the PM 2.5 particle levels.  Last week (as of this writing), when we tested the air quality, there was a 100 ug/m3 reading difference between outside and inside.

Outside PM 2.5 readings
Inside PM 2.5 reading

We often say that when the students are away, that’s when our engineering staff gets to work to make improvements! We are very grateful for the work of our engineering staff over the break and for this wonderful Christmas gift for our community!