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Badminton and Table Tennis Thriving at Xi'an International School

XIS Intramural Badminton Tournament

On Friday, January 5, 2024, the first official Badminton season at XIS finished with an Intramural Tournament involving only XIS students. The students were all able to use the skills they learned through the Winter Season in a true tournament setting. It was a wonderful day of sportsmanship and camaraderie that was enjoyed by all students!

We are so proud of all our students and the hard work they put in to the season! We would also like to use this opportunity to thank our amazing coach for helping instruct our students in the fun game of Badminton!

Below are the final results of the tournaments:

U11 Boys

1st Place: Jay Cha

2nd Place: Dylan Shin


U14 Boys

1st Place: Owen Guo

2nd Place: Sam Lee

3rd Place: Ryan Cha


U19 Boys

1st Place: David Kim

2nd Place: William Zhang

3rd Place: Kyle Ju

U11 Girls

1st Place: Yebeen Lee

2nd Place: Dana Park

3rd Place: Ellyn Lee


U14 Girls

1st Place: Helina Ju

2nd Place: Elsie Ko

3rd Place: Joy Lee


U19 Girls

1st Place:Jisu Kim

2nd Place: Abby Carrillo

3rd Place: Eunho Lee

Xi’an Silk Road Table Tennis Invitational Winter 2024

On Thursday, January 11, and Friday, January 12, 2024, Xi’an International School hosted the 4th edition of the now Xi’an Silk Road Table Tennis Invitational.

Over 50 students competed in the Invitational representing 6 schools. We are so excited that our students were able to take part and use what they had learned throughout the season in a tournament setting.

During the Winter Season, over 70 students at various age levels worked hard to improve their Table Tennis skills and love of the game. Through a love of learning, there were so many impressive improvements made during the season. We are so proud of all our students on our U08, U11, U14, and U19Table Tennis Teams!

The top students in each gender and age group were selected to compete in the Invitational. All our students were eager to test their skills against others. Once again, we are so thankful and proud of all our students who competed; they showed the highest level of character and sportsmanship throughout the event! To learn more about the Xi’an Silk Road Table Tennis Invitational, please click on the following link to visit the webpage (LINK). Those who received a medal in their age and gender category are listed below.

U11 Girls

Stella Park – 2nd Place


U14 Boys

Andy Koo – 2nd

Preston Papendorf – 3rd


U14 Girls

Joy Lee – 2nd

Sophia Koo – 3rd


U19 Boys

David Kim – 3rd


U19 Team

Xi’an International School – 1st

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Go Warriors!