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From Monday, January 29, 2024, through Thursday, February 1, 2024, 6 XIS Warriors participated in the Youth Model UN (YOUTHMUN) Winter Conference 2024 at the Sheraton Shanghai Jiading Hotel in Shanghai, China.


Xi’an International School received the Award of Distinction at the conference. The Award of Distinction is to honor the best school delegation in the conference. Xi’an International School was among 141 schools represented in the Conference’s English Division.


XIS students participated in two distinct English-speaking committees centered on unique, current topics applicable to our current world:

The UNCCC (United Nations Climate Change Conference) Committee focused on the topic of “Climate Action Worldwide: Taking Stock of Global Efforts.”

The CCPCJ (The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice) Committee honed in on the topic of “Combating AI-Enabled Crimes in the Digital Age.”


We are so proud of our XIS Warriors for their efforts and determination while participating in this highly competitive event. Here are some quotes from our students:

How was the overall experience?

“The Model United Nation Winter Conference was great. By having speeches and caucuses, I feel that I got better and confident in public speaking. Socializing with many other delegates sharing each country’s thoughts, writing the position papers, the working paper, and the draft resolution helped me to improve my writing skills. But overall, the free debate part was the best for me.”

– Vivian Kim – UNCCC – representing India

“It was a good experience to improve my social skills and English skills. My favorite part was moderated caucus. During the caucus, it was very interesting to learn and know about other country’s thoughts and solutions to the topic.”

– Yuna Kim – UNCCC – representing Japan

What was it like preparing for this event?

“When I prepared for the event, I had to do a thorough research of my topic (climate change) in my country’s lens. After that I wrote a position paper which explained my country’s position of the issue and a feasible solution to combat it. I also had to prepare speeches to present at the conference.”

– Maia Fong – UNCCC – representing Canada

We would also like to thank our XIS MUN Advisors Ms. Liz Li, Mr. Ben Parmeter, and Ms. Jessica Contreras for their support and care for our students. As a result of their efforts, our XIS Advisors received the Best Faculty Advisor Award for the conference!

Advisor Reviews of the Event

“The event was well organized and a unique experience for our students. Not being able to observe the first days of work was something we had not encountered at a conference before. However, it was great in helping the students use the skills they learned and practiced in meetings in an independent environment.”

“During the four days of the conference, XIS students discussed the global hot issues and contributed to youth wisdom in accordance with the rules and procedures of the United Nations. Our students upheld the honor code, demonstrated critical thinking and creativity to solve problems, and cultivated global citizenship through building relationships of trust and respect for other delegates. We are looking forward to more excellence for our next MUN conference.”

YOUTHMUN Winter Conference 2024 Final Awards: XIS Award Winners

Outstanding Delegate Award

  • Asher Wendler – CCPCJ Committee – representing Germany
  • Kyle Ju – CCPCJ Committee – representing Brazil
  • Vivian Kim – UNCCC Committee – representing India

Best Faculty Advisor Award

  • Liz Li
  • Jessica Contreras
  • Ben Parmeter

Award of Distinction

  • XIS Delegation
    • Kyle Ju – CCPCJ Committee – representing Brazil
    • Asher Wendler – CCPCJ Committee – representing Germany
    • Vivian Kim – UNCCC Committee – representing India
    • Maia Fong – UNCCC Committee – representing Canada
    • Yuna Kim – UNCCC Committee – representing Japan
    • Mia Cui – UNCCC Committee – representing Thailand

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Go Warriors!