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At Xi’an International School (XIS), success isn’t just measured by academic achievements; it’s a celebration of hard work, dedication, and the incredible synergy between teachers, students, and their families. Our vibrant community thrives on the ethos that success is a shared journey, and we are thrilled to share the tales of triumph that highlight the essence of our educational family. 

Teachers’ Passion and Students’ Dedication: The Winning Combination


Our dedicated teachers at XIS work to create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment. However, the true magic happens when this passion meets the hard work of our students. While the guidance and support of educators lay the foundation, the lion’s share of success is attributed to the commitment, study habits, and inherent talents of our incredible students. 

Paul Yao: A Success Story from Seventh Grade to 1550 on the SAT


One shining example of XIS’s success story is from junior Paul Yao. The Yao family has been a part of XIS for years, with Paul’s brother and sister starting back in the first grade! Paul’s time with us hasn’t been as long, joining us in the seventh grade. Fast forward to today, and Paul has achieved an outstanding score of 1550 on the SAT test! His story is a testament to the enduring partnership between XIS, students, and their families, showcasing the growth and accomplishments that unfold over the years. We are truly humbled by the Yao family choosing our school for their children’s education, and proud to see Paul’s academic success! 

ELP Triumphs: Boosting English Proficiency with Fun Learning

Meanwhile in our English Language Program (ELP), a staggering 70% of our ELP students have not only improved by one grade level but, in some cases, soared to two grade levels above their starting point at the beginning of the school year. This speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our English Language Immersion Learning Environment, where what they learn in ELP is reinforced and practiced throughout the day. The success of our ELP students underscores the transformative impact of our immersive approach to language education. 


XIS Welcomes Prospective Families: Your Journey Starts Here!

To those embarking on their international experience in Xi’an, we extend a warm welcome! XIS is not just a school; it’s a vibrant community where success is celebrated, learning is joyful, and every child’s unique potential is nurtured. Our options for prospective families cater to diverse educational needs, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience for each student. 

The success stories at Xi’an International School are not just about numbers and grades; they are tales of growth, determination, and the joy of learning. Join us on this exciting journey where each milestone is a celebration, and the spirit of success resonates in every classroom. At XIS, education is not just a destination; it’s a thrilling adventure!