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As we embrace the eventful month of march, we can look forward to longer days, the spirit of spring, and a host of exciting activities at school. SGA has served the school in many ways, and will continue doing so in more fun events in the upcoming months.

On February 23, the High School Lock-In was held successfully by SGA, in which students participated in thrilling escape rooms, fun games, as well as an enjoyable snowball fight. A new special lunch was introduced: Curry! This delicious lunch provided by SGA had nothing but praises from all of our students.

Encouragement boards are now up at the fourth floor outside of C404 and C405! Feel free to write anything encouraging to your fellow classmates.

High School will go on an outreach in Huxian on March 21-23. This is a great opportunity not only for students to develop cooperation skills but also to promote the well-being of XIS to other communities in Xi’an. In the following months, events such as Warrior Sale, Elementary Earth Day, and Secondary Water Fight will be held.

Stay tuned for more information!

Go Warriors!