A few more about Earth Day from the Toasties Elective

XIS’s U19 Soccer team wins at tournament!

(U19 means players are 19 years old or younger)

Elementary Culture Club thanking volunteers..and food!

Food. Lots of Food.

You may have noticed that we have featured quite a few food related pictures this semester. This is in large part because of the culinary related electives and ASAs that were offered during the spring semester. But food is a great way of learning about other cultures and becoming a global citizen. Sharing our food with each other is a great way of breaking down barriers and building friendships. And all of these things line up with both our Warrior Path and Student Learner Outcomes of Friendly, and Global Citizenship.

Speaking of food…thank you parents!

May 6-10th was Teacher Appreciation Week, and our parents really let the our teachers feel the love! Everyday they prepared a spread for the teachers and staff of the school that left use feeling humbled, appreciated, and stuffed! Thank you, parents.

The students also got in on thanking teachers by writing notes of appreciation to them.

Marco Polo and Fine Arts Culture Fair

This year we once again featured our Marco Polo Department for our Academic Fair. In addition, we also featured the art work and creations of our students in both Art class, Woodworking, Photography, and Video Production!




Fourth Grade completing their writing assignments


Learning the alphabet and more by naming things pulled out of the backpack…and more food!


‘D’ is for dog!


First Grade

This post is getting a little bit long, so we’ll work on part 2 and hope to send it to you by Monday! Stay tuned!