The time to move on to your next grade is near, as we come to the end lend me your ears. But before you fill your eyes with tears, let’s sum up what SGA has done this year. 

The school year of 2023-2024 went by unexpectedly fast. But just like the old saying “Fun times always feel so short.” I guess the feeling for this year flying by indicates that 2023 – 2024 was just an absolutely amazing year. SGA has no doubt made a great contribution to making this year exceptionally exhilarating and unique.  

Within this amazing year, SGA has hosted many exciting events. From XIS Spirit Weeks where students dress up as their favorite characters to high school Outreach where XIS students interact and teach cute local elementary students. Each and every one of our student government members has dedicated themselves to deliberately planning these events and bringing the best school experience to our XIS community. As this year’s vice president, I am proud to that say SGA brought smiles to our lovely warriors. As the president for the upcoming year, I am confident to say that the smiles on our warriors will only get bigger as SGA puts unremitting effort into bringing joy to XIS. So be excited and put faith into next year’s SGA, student government assembly, or what I like to call, “Smile Gifting Assembly”.   

Before we wrap this year up, SGA would like to make acknowledgements to departing SGA members that played crucial roles in making the operation of the student government this year possible. Abby (president), Kyle Jang (Secretary), Paul (treasurer), Jisu (co-treasurer), and Jenni (12th grade representative) have completed their years of school and are now welcoming a new life after graduation. In addition, Mrs. Carrillo, one of the best SGA advisors, will also be returning to her hometown. SGA wishes them all the best and hope that they could continue to hold on to the spirits of a warrior.   


The 2023-2024 SGA

Now, we begin a new year, but there shall be nothing to fear, for warriors will be ready as they diligently prepare. So let’s all cheer for the upcoming year.  


Written and Translated by Kyle Ju  

Edited by Julie Edgeworth