How can I schedule school tours?

If you would like to schedule a tour of XIS, then you can start by visiting this link: Schedule a Tour. Please note, clicking on this link will open up a webpage on which we use for scheduling tours.

How do I enroll at XIS?

Thank you for considering XIS for your education needs! To start the enrollment process, please visit the Admissions page here.

When is the testing period for enrollment?

Once filled in online enrollment form, XIS will contact the families using the information provided to schedule an appointment according to the school calendar.

How should we prepare for the enrollment tests?

The best way is not to attempt to cram for a test, but to continue to use and practice English (the language of instruction at XIS). Although XIS provides English support, students still must be proficient to enter XIS.

How do I withdrawal my child from school?

The procedures for withdrawing your student from XIS are outlined in the student handbook which can be found on Teams. In the 2022-2023 Handbook, they are listed on page 30. You can also visit this webpage here.

Where can I find curriculum maps for each grade?

To see the curriculum maps for each grade level, please visit the curriculum maps for the specific grade levels. You can start on this page, for more information, and continue to the grade specific curriculum map.

What textbooks are we using?

To see the textbooks XIS uses for the core subjects in each grade, please visit the curriculum maps for the specific grade levels. You can start on this page, and continue to the grade specific curriculum map.

What are the standards that we use?

To see the standards XIS uses for the core subjects in each grade, please visit the curriculum maps for the specific grade levels. You can start on this page, for more information, and continue to the grade specific curriculum map.

What is the class listing for each grade?

To see the list of core classes for each grade, please visit the curriculum map for the specific grade level. You can start on this page, for more information, and continue to the grade specific curriculum map.

How often are Chinese classes offered?

Chinese classes are offered every day for all students.

  • PreK-5th Grade : 30-40 minutes per day
  • 6th-12th Grade: 50 minutes per day

In face, many of our advanced Chinese level students are on the path to exceed the HSK 6 Level of proficiency by the time they graduate from XIS.

What is the maximum classroom size for each grade?

We value smaller class sizes. Currently, our class size averages 10 students per class.

For Elementary, we endeavor to keep classes below 20 students per class. For Secondary, we endeavor to maintain a class size of 20 students per class.

If a class has reached its limit, does my child has chance of being accepted?

We value keeping our class sizes smaller because of the rich learning environment it provides. We also know that hard size limits can artificially put restrictions on parents, students, and the school. With every student, regardless of the class size, we will evaluate the current class dynamics, and how your child and our current students can be best be accommodated for them to succeed.

What services do you provide for college preparation?

We offer a comprehensive range of college preparation resources and opportunities, including BridgeU access, AP classes, SAT testing options, a challenging curriculum, dedicated Advisory time with college readiness topics for grades 9-12 homerooms, and second-semester support for eighth-graders to help them prepare for college.

What is ELP?

ELP stands for English Language Program. The program is designed for students who need assistance in developing stronger English skills, and provides additional support to excel within their core academic classes.

For more details, please visit

How do we verify students are in the correct grade?

We determine student placement by considering a mix of their age (student’s birthday), their transcripts, and both parent & teacher recommendations.

You can look at the admissions page for more details: Admissions

What is the class schedule for the shool?

The following table shows a short, simplified summary of the class schedule for XIS.


Class/Activity Description 


Students allowed on campus/ Morning Gym Recess 


Morning Advisory & Homeroom 


Class Time.  


Elementary Lunch and Recess 

12:00 – 12:50 

Secondary Lunch and Recess 






After School Activities 

Are we an AP® school or an IB school?

We are an AP® school that uses Common Core standards. We currently offer five Advanced Placement®  courses, including AP Capstone™, which makes up AP Seminar and AP Research. For more details, see

What school supplies will my student need for class?

You can download a copy of our student supply list here.

What after school activities (ASAs) does XIS offer?

XIS’s after school activities (ASAs) change based on the semester, student and teacher feedback, and availability. Our ASAs range from team sports such as basketball, football (soccer), volleyball, to sports like table tennis and cross-country. We also offer non-sport related ASAs like STEAM club, Culture Club, Drama, etc.

The current list of available ASAs is sent to families quarterly. You can get a view of some of the ASAs currently offered by visiting the After School Activities page here.

Where is the school calendar?

You can find XIS’s calendar on this page here, where you can both see it online as well as download a PDF version for your keeping.

What type of lunches does XIS provide?

XIS and Student Government Assembly (SGA) arranges a variety of lunches for students which includes Chinese cuisine, Korean offerings, and a special lunch arranged by SGA.

Why does XIS have an English Immersion Policy?

English is the common language for the many cultures represented at XIS. Since XIS is an English- based school, and all instruction is given in English (except for language classes), students are expected to develop and maintain a high level of English proficiency during their time at XIS. Our English Immersion Policy also helps combat various forms of bullying and exclusion that students may actively, or inadvertently engage in.

Do we use the outside fields for PE class?

Yes! When the weather and lesson are right, our PE classes head outdoors!

What is the refund policy?

XIS’s withdrawal policies and procedures are outlined in the student handbook, starting on page 30 of the 2022-2023 student Student Handbook. You can also visit this page, and scroll down to the bottom for a brief overview of the withdrawal policies.

What are the school fees that I can except?

You can find a list of typical fees by visiting and  scrolling down to the Tuition and Fees section,  or clicking here.

Are there discounts or financial aid available?

There are various financial assistance packages available. Please visit and scroll down to Financial Assistance or click here for the latest information.

Can we pay month-to-month or semester-by-semester?

Families are able to pay semester-by-semester. Month-to-month is only available on a case-by-case based on a families specific circumstances. For more information about tuition, see this page here.

What is your student population demographic?

To view our current student population, please visit

What is your teacher population demographic?

To view our teacher population demographic, please visit

How do I communicate with the school?

XIS staff, parents, and students use Teams (through the student’s account) or email for individual parent/teacher or student/teacher communication. Some messages are time-sensitive. Parents are encouraged to check as frequently as possible to stay up-to-date. 


For class-specific concerns, parents and students may contact XIS staff members through email or Teams.  Staff will respond during school hours. Please allow 24 hours for a response from teachers due to their class schedules. Messages sent outside school hours will receive a response by the second school day after the message is received.

XIS welcomes constructive feedback. Please contact the XIS Office through email at if you have any general questions or concerns. To contact a specific teacher, please refer to the Contacts section of the Student Handbook or the XIS website to find a specific teacher’s name.

Please refer to the XIS website to find the school’s phone number and address.

Can parents borrow books from the library?


What transportation options does XIS provide (buses)?

XIS complies with school bus regulations in China and provides busing services. Families can select to use the bus services arranged for XIS students if needed. For more information about the current bus routes, please contact XIS. For the fees, and policies for the bus, please refer to the student handbook.

What is the school dress code? Is there a uniform that we need to prepare?

The student handbook has a section on the school’s dress code (on page 72 of the 2022-2023 handbook). Here are a few guidelines regarding our ‘uniform’ and dress code.

  • Elementary students must wear an official XIS shirt or the XIS patch.
  • Secondary students must wear either their official XIS shirt, XIS patch, or student ID.