Statement of Purpose

An honor code is a statement of the values and character qualities a community considers important to its well-being. It serves as a reminder of how we believe people should act toward others. It forms a framework for the rules and policies by which we live. It gives us a visual symbol of who we have chosen to be as the XIS community. Our honor code is a declaration of who we are. At XIS we want to show the following qualities in our behavior toward our schoolwork, our classmates, our teachers, our administrators, and all who visit the XIS campus as our guests.

XIS Warrior Code

  • Honest

    • We are sincere in our words and actions.
    • We are willing to admit when we make mistakes.
    • We won’t take credit for other people’s work or achievements.
    • Our goal is to develop integrity in ourselves and others.
    • We have nothing to hide because we are who we seem to be.
  • Loyal

    • We are faithful to our community.
    • We stand up for our classmates, friends, and school.
    • If we won’t say it to a student’s or a teacher’s face, we won’t say it at all.
    • We are there for each other even when times are tough.
  • Responsible

    • We take responsibility for our own words and actions and accept the consequences.
    • We define success (especially academic success) as doing our best and refusing to quit.
    • We think twice before we do something that might hurt someone.
    • We are aware of how our words and actions influence others, especially younger students.
  • Respectful

    • We respect the rights and feelings of other students and teachers.
    • We are respectful of other people’s cultures and beliefs.
    • We abide by the standards set for us because we know they are there to protect us.
    • We resolve conflicts peacefully and respectfully.
  • Friendly

    • We welcome new people and try to make them feel at home.
    • We accept other people as a part of our community even if they are different from us.
    • We take notice of those who are left out and include them.
    • We build others up with our words instead of tearing them down.
    • We make friends for the sake of friendship rather than benefits.
  • Caring

    • We care about and for one another.
    • We are willing to give up our time and pride for others.
    • We make room for forgiveness instead of holding grudges.
    • We appreciate the time we share together and try not to take it for granted.

XIS Honor Code was developed by Miss Tina and the Class of 2016. The Honor Code Committee, comprised of a group of student leaders, continues to support the ongoing work of developing character at XIS.

In 2021, the Honor Code was renamed Warrior Path.