Xi'an International School has chosen a curriculum from a variety of recognized and quality educational sources

In using this curriculum it is our desire to create

  • A desire to learn

  • Inspiration to do thorough research

  • Culturally literate students

  • Leaders for present and future

  • Partners in social and ethical needs

XIS’s curriculum includes the following: Language Arts (oral expression, spelling, grammar, handwriting, phonics, writing, reading, and literature), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (history, geography, economics, government, and sociology), Chinese Language (Marco Polo), Fine Arts (music, art, and drama), Physical Education, and selected electives.

Xi’an International School’s 14 grade levels are based on the American Grading System. Home schooling students must provide a portfolio of work, course descriptions (which include percentage of book completed; book title, publisher, and copyright), and grades. Realizing that each student is a unique learner, teachers create an academically rich environment that addresses differentiated learning styles.

XIS is an internationally diverse, non-profit organization with an international based curriculum. Our teachers approach education with both professionalism and creativity. This allows for a broad range of teaching styles, activities, and individual learning experiences. Each teacher works to challenge students. We provide a solid math curriculum across all grades. Of course, particular emphasis is placed on the mastery of the English language through strong writing and reading programs.

Being a smaller school, we are able to work with each student, so that he or she can reach full potential. Our goal is to ensure that school is not only a place to learn but is also a place where students can discover how to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to their lives. To do this we willingly work with parents and tutors to provide individualized support for each student. Working together, we create a stable base of knowledge on which further learning is built. Every child can succeed!

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