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Life as an Expat can be Tough

We understand

Paul and Stephanie Wendler

XIS Superintendent & AMP Director of Student Services

When we moved to Xi’an in 2007, we could barely speak any Chinese. At that time, we began taking Chinese classes at XIS. As we learned more Chinese, we were able to engage more in the surrounding community, make friends and independently accomplish needed tasks. China started to feel more like home. Since then, it has become our passion to help others that are new to China have this same opportunity and make our XIS Adult Marco Polo Program as effective as possible.

An Introduction From Niu Yu Xun

What Makes AMP Great.

As the lead teacher of Xi‘an International School Chinese department, I think our Chinese program (called Marco Polo) is very successful, whether it is the Chinese teaching for K12 students or adults. This is inseparable from the school’s support for students’ Chinese learning. Chinese is not an elective and in the curriculum system of XIS, all students are required to take one Chinese class every day, from Pre-K to Grade 12. Besides that, all the teachers in our department are very experienced and qualified. They are proficient in both Chinese and English, and can teach bilinguals as needed. Each teacher holds a Chinese teaching certificate and TCSOL certificate. The most important thing is that we always put students’ needs first and try our best to help each student learn Chinese well, no matter whether we teach children or adults.

Niu Laoshi

Marco Polo Director

What is AMP?

XIS’s Adult Marco Polo Program is an added service to help our parents of XIS students not not only learn Chinese, but to thrive during their years as guests of China.

We use age-appropriate tools to teach parents to speak, read, and write Chinese using similar techniques that are used in XIS classrooms

“We believe this will help enrich the lives and overall well-being of our XIS families, by helping parents navigate throughout China more smoothly.

“Living in a foreign country is hard. There are language and cultural barriers that can make you focus on just surviving.

But at AMP, we help you do more than just survive. We help you thrive by fully engaging in the world around you and help you make your time in Xi’an the best that it can be.”


You have many study options. Here’s why you should study with us.


Our teachers have over 50 years of combined experience


There are tutors, and then there are professional teachers with over 50 years of combined experience and documented results. When you’ve taught as long as our teachers have taught, you’ve seen a thing or two. Our teachers are experienced with teaching people from a number of countries and cultures – Singapore, Korea, Canada, United States, or United Kingdom – our teachers have taught them all.

Flexible Hours.
Flexible Options.

We can customize your class time around you and your schedule. Want to take classes and be done in time to pick-up your kids from XIS or another school? We can do that. Want to drop-off your children at XIS and attend class in the morning. Also doable. And much more.



Teacher Fang has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language for 16 years and has his CTCSOL Certificate. Teacher Fang likes to use active practice as well as simulating real life situations as a way to help increase students’ oral proficiency and prepare them for situations they meet during their everyday life in China.

One of Fang Xuan’s specialties is teaching students to read and write Chinese characters. Literacy opens up the world around you and will greatly enrich your time in China.


In college Teacher Jin studied English, but she has been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for 15 years. She is also a certified *SOPI examiner (the Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview).

In order to help her students improve their Chinese oral proficiency, Teacher Jin likes to incorporate interesting activities connected to students’ lives. She also finds creative ways to introduce Chinese characters and culture into her lessons.


Teacher Li has been teaching Chinese for 15 years, and has enjoyed getting to know each of his students. He enjoys the beauty and challenges of learning about different cultures. Teacher Li is able to help students grasp difficult concepts and understand the “why” behind what they’re learning. One of his students affectionately refers to him as the “Chinese Guru.“

Li Wen Hua has a Masters Degree in Chinese Philosophy, with CTCSOL Certificate.




We welcome group classes! We are not always able to arrange a group class for individuals, but if you know of others who are interested in taking Chinese classes with you and are at a similar level, we are able to provide a teacher and plan for such a class.


If you have a specific language goal that requires a curriculum other than HSK, we are open to discussing other options with you. Our teachers are experienced in teaching a variety of curricula.

Class with Dan-2
Lixue online


The HSK curriculum corresponds with the HSK levels and certificate courses, which are authorized by Hanban, the only Chinese government-funded institute to promote Chinese language and culture overseas.

*As is the case with individual classes, all fees must be paid for the quarter prior to the start of the quarter. If your class starts mid-quarter, fees will be paid before your classes begin. Please see due date listed on your invoice.

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