XIS works with an international curriculum for the sixth through twelfth grades (about 12-18 years of age). Smaller class sizes of 15 students or less allow for both individual instruction and research into topics of student interest. XIS secondary teachers are dedicated to their students and bring enthusiasm to their specialties.

The school focuses on preparing students for entrance into American universities. Classes are targeted towards fulfilling credit requirements and providing a solid knowledge base for future learning. The credit system allows for a year by year rotation of study available within a subject. Thus, when a student graduates from XIS, he or she will have been able to study biology, chemistry, physics, and even anatomy in the sciences.

This broad range of study provides students with a strong platform from which to understand others and successfully interact with the world.

Middle School’s curriculum is designed to challenge students to become independent learners and active decision makers. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade curriculum is designed to give the students a broader range of knowledge while focusing on the development of study, test taking, organizational, and research skills. With a team of qualified teachers, the students are divided into period-long classes for the core courses and electives. These include English language arts; pre-algebraic and algebraic mathematics; life, physical, and earth sciences; world history, geography and world cultures, and United States history; Mandarin Chinese; physical education, health, music, and various other electives.

Middle School Minutes per Week

Secondary Curriculum Maps

Middle and High School curriculums are combined below.

English Curriculum 2023

Book choices through the year may change based off student levels and interest. The overall standards and unit themes will mostly remain the same.

Mathematics Curriculum 2023

Science Curriculum 2023

Social Studies Curriculum 2023