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ELP is overseen by the XIS Superintendent and Principal, Paul Wendler and Melissa Engman, and was established in October 2018 to address the growing English language needs at XIS. The English Language Program is an interactive, small-group instruction model with specific focus on the following areas:

  • Reading fluency
  • Speaking fluency
  • Writing fluency
  • Vocabulary instruction
  • Grammar
  • Reading comprehension
  • Content vocabulary study in math, science,
    & social studies

Who Qualifies

Enrollment in the XIS English Language Program is based on grade level expectations, testing scores, teacher observations, and recommendations acquired from new student testing. The program is required for some students who need assistance in developing stronger English skills, providing additional support to excel within their core academic classes.


English Language Program classes are held for elementary students on Monday-Thursday after school from 3:40-4:40.

Instruction is provided by XIS Teaching Assistants trained in English language instruction who work closely with students in the classroom. Not only are the Teaching Assistants fluent in English, but they are also trained in English instruction and western teaching practices.

XIS Teaching Assistants are familiar with the program’s content since it is used with the XIS curriculum. With this knowledge, the Teaching Assistants are capable of supporting the academic and English needs of each individual student.

The English Language Program for middle & high school students is held during Elective periods. These small group and interactive classes are taught by an XIS teacher with a focus on necessary skills specific to middle and high school, including:

Speaking fluency and pronunciation, listening and analyzing content, and academic writing.

Students must arrange their own transportation from school.

Monday – Thursday 3:40pm-4:40pm


16,000 RMB/year

Program cost will be added to tuition invoice

XIS Report

XIS students have experienced success and improvement in their English ability. As the program continues to grow and improve, we anticipate each student will experience improved success in English skills and will reach his/her fullest potential as a life-long learner.

Classroom Teacher Report

I have seen exponential progress in relation to my student’s reading levels, confidence, and willingness to engage in classroom discussion.

-XIS Elementary Teacher

The ELP has not only provided my student with increased levels of reading and vocabulary comprehension, but has also allowed him to become a more proactive and independent learner. These skills have allowed him to learn and excel at his grade level.

-XIS Elementary Teacher