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2020-2021 STEAM Club

Joseph Kim (10), Abraham Jung (6)

Advisors: Ms. Tina Bean & Mr. Daniel Chang

STEAM Club News
Current Project

3D Printer Build

In this project students are building a 3D printer.  Once complete they will learn how to use 3d modeling software to create objects and then print them with the printer.

Past Projects
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    In this project students are learning about circuits and building circuits into things they will wear. From light up wristbands to musical t-shirts the fun is just getting started this year.

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    Rubber Band Cars

    This project challenged the students to build a car that is powered by a rubber band. After all cars were complete they competed in a drag race.

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    Building Bridges

    In this project students were to build a bridge to hold up as much weight as possible. Their materials were balsa wood, wood glue, and paper.

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    Earthquake Challenge

    Students were challenged to create a tower that would support a raw egg.  The complicating thing is that the tower is going to be shaken like an earthquake is occurring.  They used dry noodles, marshmallows, and tape.

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    Egg Drop: Survival Mode

    Most egg drop challenges your egg needs to survive a drop from whatever height.  This one your it was survival, which team’s egg could survive the most times dropped!

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    Have a Seat

    Time to stretch the creativity. This challenge the students used only newspaper and tape to build a chair they could sit in.

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    Up, Up, and Away

    Using 2-L bottles the students build rockets that will go up and on the way down protect an egg in the nosecone from breaking.