Sweet Treat Thank You

A great big thank you to all the Parents, Staff, and Students of XIS!!!  Middle School SGA was able to earn a little over 200 RMB to use on upcoming events for XIS such as the Elementary Easter Events in April and a possible gym event in May.  We would like to specially thank Jinkou,…

Warrior Sale

Dear XIS Community: Due to circumstances beyond our control, this year’s Warrior Sale has been canceled. We are deeply sorry for this turn of events, but we at Xi’an International School look forward to other opportunities to serve our local community.

Come on! Marco Polo

Our Marco Polo Chinese Culture Festival will be held on April 29 this year, and teachers and students have already begun preparations. The teachers actively discussed the content, form and steps of the day in the department meeting, and made good suggestions.

Giving Back During Hard Times

There is a saying in the west, “when life give you lemons, make lemonade,” which basically means to make the best of a bad situation. And that is just what Gabe Carrillo (姓:Carrillo, 名字: Gabe) did when he found himself stuck at home by volunteering to help with Wanke Feicui Tianyu’s nucleic acid testing during Xi’an’s lockdown.

XIS ASA Newsletter: December 3, 2021

Clubs The inaugural XIS Elementary Drama Club completed dress rehearsals on Wednesday, December 1st, for XIS’ Christmas Celebration. Filming will take place next week with the official TEAMS Premiere occurring on Friday, December 17th at 8:00pm.   There will be 6 different student groups each performing a play with all singing traditional carols to celebrate…

Principal Coffee Update

The first Principal Coffee of the 2021-2022 school year was a success! The topic covered was ‘TCKs and Hellos’ and with a strong team of Mrs. Kahler, Mrs. Xia, Mrs. Choi, Mrs. Yi, and Ms. Sonnet. I knew I would be learning much from these educational experts on September 16th.  After reviewing the PPT translated into…

STEAM First 3D Print

STEAM has just completed building their 3D printer and after several days of troubleshooting the setup and some small electrical issues they have completed their first print.  The simple pawn was designed on the Tinkercad online. Great job Abraham and Joseph! http://video.xischool.com/3DPrint.mp4

Math Fair was a Success!

Everyone has heard of a Science Fair, but at Xi’an International School (XIS) there are more.  The students at XIS have hosted many different academic endeavors: History Fair, English Fair, Culture Day, Marco Polo (Chinese) Fair, and this year…drum roll please…a Math Fair

Math Fair

Dear XIS community, We are excited to announce that Thursday, April 22nd, from 1:00-3:00pm XIS will be hosting our Math Fair in the XIS gymnasium! We will have math questions and challenges from all grade levels and a competition for staff, students, AND parents! Everyone is welcome to join us and compete to win prizes.…

August Principal Newsletter

XIS staff has already learned so much during our training! Every morning, our staff learns and develops their skills with the students in mind. Department meetings, lesson design, struggling students, substitute planning, child and school safety, Sycamore training, relational discipline, and so much more! Many of our expert teachers have also been the presenters!

July Principal Newsletter

This July has been filled with meetings. From meetings with both the Leadership and Administration team, incoming teachers, as well as returning teachers, we’ve been meeting and sending emails and WeChat messages to each other all summer long in order to be best prepared for high quality education for this upcoming semester.