Week 8

Pictures from Week 8 We have many more pictures from Week 8 and XIS’s Spirit Week that we want to share with you! Stay tuned and visit back! How the week started How the week ended More pictures from Spirit Week! First: Crazy Hair Day! More from Spirit Week & Spirit Day

Week 6

Pictures from Week 6 First Principal Coffee of the year! Further progress with charcuterie boards (cheese boards) Middle writing non-fiction narratives Algebra class Between classes Table Tennis PE class 3rd grade learning about friction EM Culture ASA learning about Spanish! Parent Volunteer Training 4th grade visits the office!

Weeks 4 & 5

Check back here for more pictures from Weeks 4 & 5! Soccer Games with DeHong 7th Grade Fermentation Experiment Upper School Woodshop Class Drama Rehersal and Set Building Fitness Friday Baseball Group Picture 2nd Grade Making Bird Feeders ELP Smile Cards Fitness Friday Baseball Group Picture CPR Staff Training by the Shaanxi Red Cross Fitness…