Miss Brittainy Harris


  • Years at XIS


  • Years in China


  • Fun Fact

    I’ve recently begun to play Minecraft and I now understand why so many people love it.

Background and Introduction

Teaching has become my passion. In elementary school, I struggled in classes because of my diagnosis of dyslexia. Through years of hard work and working ‘twice as hard’ as my classmates, I can now look back and realize my struggles created the climate for a well-balanced educator.

Through years of experience, I’ve learned that respect and a stable relationship with those in my educational field creates a warm environment for growth.

Let’s grow and learn together!


Vision for XIS

XIS is the best school in the world! As teachers, students, and staff continually challenge themselves to grow in both connections with each other as well as the content they are learning, I know XIS will continue supporting ‘life-long learners and tomorrow’s leaders’!



Reading and Writing
Swimming and Hiking
Studying Chinese and Beginners Korean
Traveling and Gaming


University of Valley Forge

2006 – 2010
Bachelors in Science
Elementary Education (K-6) and Middle School Education (6-8)
Summa Cum Laude (GPA 4.0)

Southwestern University

2014 – 2016
Masters Degree in Curriculum Design and Instructional Strategies
3.87 GPA



Phoenixville Middle School, USA, SOAR program tutor

An afterschool program tutor for a class of 15 under achieving students

Xi’an International School, China 4th Grade Teacher

English, math, science, social studies, music, and P.E.
2012-2014 Elementary Lead Teacher

Xi’an International School, China 6-8th Grade ELA Teacher

2014–2020 English, science, health, writer’s club, and Adult English classes
2014-2020 Middle School Lead Teacher
2016-2020 Whole School Curriculum Coordinator, Lead Teacher, and Middle School ELA Teacher


Educational Philosophy

Connection and content. Through connection with each other, ourselves, and our surroundings in a safe environment, everyone can challenge themselves to try their best as we learn and grow together through content with high-expectations .